1. All Blue Anvil Cases have a number, inside each power supply has that same number and all components MUST stay with that same case.
  2. Unpack complete system as a whole, system will have the correct objective lens and drape ring if drapes are needed and use of the coupling piece for all systems including MORA is mandatory.
  3. Move empty Blue Anvil Cases to a secure area
  4. When ready to re-pack system, move the Blue Anvil Case with the number that corresponds to the power supply and re-pack the COMPLETE system in that case keeping the SAME components as they were unpacked. All systems have serial numbers for some parts and these NEED to be kept in the same cases for inventory purposes.
  5. Packing instructions with step by step photos will be in an envelope in one of the Blue Anvil Cases along with return shipment labels that MUST be applied to any blue surface of the case. Please remove the OLD labels on each Blue Anvil Case so the shipment will go to the correct location.