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Clamp-Column Remove post and column from case

Clamp to Table - Must be sturdy and tighten Attach post and column to STABLE wood table (no lip under table)

IMG_0310Screw Clamp to Table - Tighten Under table view (wood block possibly needed)

Tables-Banquet4IMG_0951 Examples of tables

 Tables that we can NOT use..Not thick enough

Power Supply to Column Attach Power Supply

Insert Arm to Power Supply via post Attach Arm

This black lever will put tension on arm if it moves up and down when you have all equipment on - lightly add tension Black lever on arm for tension

Attach Coupling Piece Attach coupling piece (Needed for ALL workshop)

Bottom of Microscope Body wscrew attachedAttach Handles Leave handles attached at all time, re-pack with handles attached

Attach Microscope to Coupling Piece - Black knob will losen to move body to vertical - then tighten Attach PICO microscope to coupling piece

Knobs MUST be attached to back of coupling piece and top of arm to make sure these do not fall off - do this first Attach these to the top of the arm and back of PICO

Intstall Beam Splitter - tighten with thumbscrew Attach Beam Splitter

Push in Black knob on tube to rotate system - innner wheel will move orientation Attach Stereo Observation Tube

Attach Straight Binocular Tube Attach 0-60 Binocular to main PICO and Straight Binocular to Stereo Tube

Fiber Optic Cable here Attach fiber optic cable to power supply and back of PICO microscope

Put Fiber Optic Cable in hole Bulb Housing, for access squeeze gray ends close to fiber optic cable hole

Bulb HousingTo Replace Bulb, squeeze grey handles and pull Bulb housing, squeeze ends to remover for bulb access. Always turn the power supply on at LOWEST setting, do NOT turn on the power supply on high, the bulb will blow.